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May 18, 2021
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May 18, 2021

Call for papers for virtual theology conference on COVID-19

The prevailing international and regional conditions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic have inspired the Conference on Theology in the Caribbean Today (CTCT) to host its first virtual biennial conference. It takes place November 8–12 with the theme The COVID Effect: Turning The Tide.

The context of the theme is the growing disconnection of Caribbean people. Although it existed before, the pandemic has worsened the crisis of connection. Organisers referenced the bishops of the Antilles Episcopal Conference who have always alerted to the need for Caribbean societies to deepen ways of connecting to express interdependence and interconnection that exists among all creatures.

CTCT noted the need for greater reflection on this crisis of connection at this time as COVID-19 has spotlighted how people relate with God, self, the other, and all of creation.

Caribbean thinkers, activists, artists, laity, pastoral workers, academics, clergy and theologians are invited to reflect, prepare, and present on the theme at the virtual conference.

CTCT is inviting interdisciplinary contributions—these can be any combination of the theological, pastoral, womanist, personal and anthropological, among others.

Interested persons are required to submit an abstract of no more than 200 words.

To aid in the seamless delivery of material during the Conference, presenters are required to prepare a pre-recorded video presentation of no more than eight minutes along with a brief paper. These are to be submitted to the CTCT Secretariat on or before October 29 via email: 1994ctct@ctctoday.org.

To assist presenters in preparing their recordings, a brief workshop will be held by the CTCT Secretariat.

Guidelines for abstracts/proposals: Name of presenter(s), contact details: Title/Theme/Topic: Format: poetry, movement, narrative/theological discourse, art, etc.; Content/Idea covered and its significance for Caribbean theology, culture, life, pastoral action, activism, etc.

Important dates: June 4 submission of abstracts/proposals; July 9, Response/feedback to abstracts/proposals; October 29, submission of pre-recorded video and paper to be submitted.

The training date for video presentation is to be announced.

Papers and presentations will—either in whole or in part—be published to the CTCT website, and social media platforms; Facebook.

Consent will be sought prior to other publication.