Archbishop Gordon on pandemic and Pentecost: “Let’s push back to God”
May 14, 2021
Sunday May 16th: Ascension Sunday
May 16, 2021

Saturday May 15th: Growing in Faith

“…but the time is coming when I will no longer speak to you in figurative language” 

John 16:23-28

Like any good teacher, Jesus understood his audience and knew the importance of continuous improvement. As children, we understand things in a very simplistic way and as we grow, our capacity to learn increases. So too, with our spiritual growth, we need to grow, a bit at a time. As we grow in Christ, the expectation is that we will now be able to understand exactly who God is.
Sometimes we are so comfortable with our ‘Sunday School’ faith, we prefer the Word of God to be sugar coated, and focused on the easy stuff. However, when it comes down to brass tacks we are not ready to be challenged and convicted. As life progresses, and new challenges emerge, we are called more and more to read the Word daily, engage more in family prayer and live out the commandments by being Christ to everyone. One thing this pandemic has taught us is to move past ‘Sunday School’ faith.
Lord, open my heart to grow in faith so that I can understand your Word.