Come and See
May 14, 2021
Celebrating Laudato Si’ week
May 14, 2021

It’s our write…

I have spent the past five years doing the most meaningful, purpose-driven work in advancing the mission of the Church. It is imperative to recognise that every journalist possess a great responsibility for the communications they share. We are witnesses to TRUTH, a truth that can never be overlooked.

—Kaelanne Jordan, Writer/Media Relations Officer


Working at the Catholic News has been an education, to learn and grow in faith. It has not always been easy. And why should it be?

Education is most profound in the encounters with individuals; those who teach, the examples of quiet courage, selflessness, determination, creativity, initiative, and suffering. There were times of humbling and renewal.

Now, more than ever, there is the challenge to tell the stories of lived experiences and faith. Here we are: uncertainty, anxiety, manifold stresses from living in a pandemic, and the disconnect from measures intended to save lives as we are forced to retreat indoors.

Life does not stop. And it is in the midst of this apparent chaos that there continues to be witnesses to faith, resilience, progress, growth. These and many other stories are to be told and these are the stories I strive to tell.

—Lara Pickford-Gordon, Senior Writer


There can be few opportunities to speak to a large number of people on big (and small) issues that affect all of us. I am one of the Editorial writers on page 2 of the Catholic News, and the intent is always to encourage a new way of thinking of things we may take for granted or quietly and unthinkingly accept in our own behaviours. Our Catholic leaders in thought, and Catholic writing via pastoral letters and encyclicals have responded to each and every topic that impacts us and our lives. Catholicism is a lifestyle; it is expansive, and challenges us to be better people. As I write, I also learn.

—Simone Delochan, Copy Editor/Writer