Come and See! John 1:46
May 14, 2021
It’s our write…
May 14, 2021

Come and See

“Open your eyes with wonder to what you see, let your hands touch the freshness and vitality of things, so that when others read what you write, they too can touch first-hand the vibrant miracle of life”

— Blessed Manuel Lozano Garrido to his fellow journalists.

There are stories all around us: next door to you, on your street, in your community. Stories of the past and the present, stories of people in your community, stories of work being done, of faith being sown. WE want to hear those stories—invite us to come and see what matters to you.

The Catholic News is looking for your contributions: articles, videos, photos of the everyday things around you that bring hope, that tell your story.

Let us together answer Pope Francis’ challenge “to communicate by encountering people, where they are and as they are”.

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