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May 11, 2021
Archbishop Gordon joins international speakers to help Christians prepare for Pentecost
May 12, 2021

Wednesday May 12th: Three in one

“All that the Father has is mine”

 John 16 12 – 15

“Aie! I have to talk to you yuh know, buh me eh feel yuh ready fuh what I had to tell yuh nah!”
Ah say, “ O God tell meh nah!”
He say, “ Nah yuh might not appreciate it from me. Hear what, ah go send the Holy Spirit tuh tell yuh……..”
“So why I go believe the Holy Spirit and not you?”
“ Girl fuh some reason when he tell yuh , like yuh does just know is the truth!”
“ Eh eh!!! Look the only truth I believe in is from God himself”
.”Well whey yuh think? All ah we is the same. He tell me to get that message to you and I sending it with the Holy Spirit and yuh go know is the Father self send it fuh yuh!”
“Eh heh? So three ah all yuh is the same then?”
“Yeah girl! Ah tell yuh everything the Father have is mine and everything that is mine the Holy Spirit have.
OK Lord…. Help me to believe!