Sunday May 9th: Remain in His love
May 9, 2021
Tuesday May 11th: Avoiding the Hard Questions
May 11, 2021

Monday May 10th: Be Daily Witnesses to Christ

‘We are the heirs of the Pentecost promise and the Spirit is with us.’

John 15:26-16:4

There is a beautiful hymn which encapsulates today’s Gospel perfectly:
“You shall be my witnesses
Unto the ends of the earth
Witnessing to my truth
And to my love”

These words of Jesus are both a prophesy and a promise. A prophesy, because He warns us that following Him comes with a cost – we will be chased out, persecuted, condemned, and killed, figuratively and literally. The beautiful promise is that the Advocate will come, the Spirit of truth, the witness.
And guess what? It is a promise fulfilled, for the Spirit is already here. We are the heirs of the Pentecost promise and the Spirit is with us, as our champion, our defender, our supporter.

So, do not let your faith be shaken. Instead, each day, let us pray to follow Christ more closely. May we testify to His presence in our lives by the choices we make every day, by our words and our actions. And may we never forget to ask the Holy Spirit for all the help we need.

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