Saturday May 8th: Status quo
May 8, 2021
Monday May 10th: Be Daily Witnesses to Christ
May 10, 2021

Sunday May 9th: Remain in His love

Love in the time of Covid is a sign of fledgling hope.

John 15:9-17

Doors were shut for fear of the virus. Homes separated by solemn space. No coming together for nothing. No casual intimacy. With full awareness of treading on thin ice, we dare to remain in His love.
Practice how to love, everyday, so you would remain in His love. Love in the time of Covid is a sign of fledgling hope. Like a bird building a nest for the first time, one straw at a time; selected and safely tested to caress the egg and send tender loving care to the not-yet offspring.
‘Ah keeping de chile while single-mom go out to work.’ Vendors doubling down to feed the hungry from the back door: ‘we not vending, Sah, we multiplying compassionate loaves.’ Immaculate lawn re-conceived into a kitchen-garden.
Love is never interrupted. It flows unassailably. Covid-love seeps under the shut door, through the slits of narrow eyes, perched on the window sill, through triple-layered mask. Even from a dark and gloomy sky the curtain shifts and compassion shows its face.