An unexpected win for former Pres Chag pupil – Xavier Joseph
May 7, 2021
Sunday May 9th: Remain in His love
May 9, 2021

Saturday May 8th: Status quo

‘Remember that it hated me before you.’

John. 15: 18-21

In this Gospel Jesus is preparing us for the difficulties we would face if we follow him. He lets us know that we do not belong to the world. We should, thus, be wary of the status quo and what the world will encourage us to do.

We know very well that it is easy to join the band wagon and be ‘regular’. That way people would love us. It is so easy for us to have as our motto, ‘if it is nice, do it twice.’

Jesus reminds us that his way is different from the way of the world. We know too well that among our friends or in the work place when we try to live by principle there are those who scoff at our behavior and hate us for being a ‘goody, goody.’

We are not as strong and spiritual as Jesus but when we want to follow his way he reminds us that we will be persecuted by the world.