Visio Divina for women: Thursday, May 6
May 6, 2021
‘Mothers of our Fathers’
May 6, 2021

Poem: Woman of Virtue

By Monica St Hillaire.


De sweetest sweetest lady.

Bearer of true strength and power,

Love blooms like ah hibiscus flower.

Resplendent as de petals of red,

Affection and kindness she readily spread.

Not even de carin’ imposter,

Could imitate my loving mother.

Saturday sponge cake was ah mus’,

Equivalently divided for all of us.

Never did I ever doubt,

Yuh had rather stay without.

I jus’ say dis ain’t for you,

Little did dis youngin’ knew…

Remember de licks yuh give me?

For swingin’ on de mango tree?

Or de somersault ah did take,

When yuh ketch meh peltin’ de fry bake.

I was never no breadwinner,

Wastin’ food like ah common sinner.

De lash feel like it come from ah stranger,

Ignorant to clear an’ present danger.

In punishment yuh took no thrill,

Respect an’ manners yuh try to instil.

Abrupt to disobey,

Fresh brain in disarray.

Night fever worse dan in de day,

Her hugs and kisses melt it away.

Magical mammy doctor,

Panadol could never conquer.

So much moments in my memory,

From dis courageous lady.

Vivid is yuh demeanor,

Jus’ like dat flamboyant flower.


De sweetest sweetest lady.

Fervent in her radiant aura,

Like de hibiscus flower.

Yuh could bet on yuh las’ dollar,

Dis hummingbird love yuh nectar.