Called by name
May 4, 2021
Thursday May 6th: Abide in my love
May 6, 2021

Wednesday May 5th: The true vine

“I am the true vine”

John 15: 1-8

Jesus didn’t just say I am the vine, but the true vine. Any avid gardener, even the novices like myself will know that sometimes parasitic vines may grow hidden as part of a tree or plant in your garden. To the unskilled eye, this may go unnoticed and the tree is sucked of its nutrients until it stops bearing any fruit.

The cherry tree in our yard has not borne fruit in forty years. I prayed to God for His guidance as the Master Gardener and He showed me the parasitic vine that attached itself. I tirelessly and lovingly cut off and scraped and fertilized until one day many flowers appeared for the first time and bore lovely cherries much to the delight of my children.

O Holy Spirit! grant me the grace to yield to the Master’s pruning so I shall bear fruit, for apart from You I am nothing.