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May 3, 2021
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May 4, 2021

Tuesday May 4th: Best Stress Management

Jesus respects His disciples and me enough to give us proof.

 John 14: 27 – 31

Psychologists tell us that uncertainty is a major stressor. Jesus wants to give us Peace, so he tells his disciples exactly what is going to happen. This He says is also a way to trust  in Him.

Jesus respects His disciples and me enough to give us evidence and proof so that we may believe in Him.

This is really important for me to know in these uncertain times. I can get temporary reduction of my anxiety by listening to every conspiracy theory about COVID-19 and the vaccine or I can use today’s Gospel as a guide as to  on whom and what I should trust.

I pray I do not look for quick fixes to reduce my anxiety but trust that God would give me His peace. I pray also for wisdom and discernment to evaluate evidence to be sure that knowledge came from God.


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