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May 4, 2021
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May 4, 2021

Mother’s love endures all

By Juliana Valdez

May is the month when mothers the world over are celebrated on the day especially set aside for them. Mother’s Day is observed on the second Sunday of May every year.

As is the norm, the television is inundated with ads encouraging viewers that the best way to show Mom that she is loved is to make a choice from all that is being advertised, and purchase those which will communicate those loving sentiments.

And as is also the norm, there is the opinion expressed that every day should be Mother’s Day, and this is directed specifically to those offspring who are seen or who visit only on Mother’s Day.

Many mothers claim they would rather see their children more often than only once a year when they come bearing gifts.

We are all aware however, that for some children, this may not always be possible and so mothers are asked to be understanding. One can therefore imagine the difficulty some families are facing, based on the limitations and restrictions because of the present COVID-19 situation.

Travel, visits, and many other movements have been affected and so the dependence is mainly on telephone conversations with mom.

But, in spite of the adversities and challenges, mothers will always be mothers. Ricki Lake, an American actress and television presenter had this to say about motherhood, “Motherhood is the greatest thing and the hardest thing.”

This we have seen time and again as the ups and downs of society contribute to the happy times, the sad times and even the downright distressing times facing many families today, and, more often than not, the mothers are the ones facing these challenges.

The resilience, determination, and faith in Almighty God, exercised by mothers can be likened to a mother who has displayed these qualities in order to withstand her challenges. Our Blessed Mother Mary!

How significant it is then that Mother’s Day is celebrated in a month Mother Church in her wisdom, has given to us as one of the Marian months every year, the month of May.

The very prayers we pray in our devotion to her, remind us that as our Mother and our Queen, we have in her, one who stands in the gap, interceding on behalf of mothers everywhere.

When we think of the stress so many mothers are undergoing in society today because of the negative choices their offspring have made, we can understand their despair. In many cases, they are outliving their children, having to bury them and many times the grandchildren become the responsibility of these mothers.

But there is comfort in the fact that our mother Mary, in her role as Mother of Divine Grace, Help of Christians and Comforter of the Afflicted, continues to be the example all mothers have, the perfect example of quiet faith and trust in Almighty God.

Washington Irvin, American writer, historian and diplomat said, “A mother’s love endures through all.”  This has been proven so many times when mothers are called to persevere, allowing their mother’s love to assist them to endure the trials they face on a daily basis.

For those who are fortunate and blessed to still have their mothers, cherish them, love them, pray with and for them, keep the lines of communication open. Affirm them now when they can appreciate it, do not wait to say it in their eulogy when they can’t.

Remember, a mother holds a child’s hand for a while, but holds their heart forever! May this time of restriction prove to be the opportunity families need to spend quality time with their mothers.

Happy Mother’s Day!