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May 4, 2021
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May 4, 2021

Give mom some flowers associated with Mother’s Day

May is once again here where we celebrate Mother’s Day and our Blessed Virgin Mother Mary throughout the month. Flowers, chocolates, and cards are popular gifts to symbolise the love and appreciation for all mothers on this day.

Job 14:2 tells us “Like a flower he comes forth and withers; He also flees like a shadow and does not remain”. In the Holy Bible, flowers are used in many scriptures to represent beauty, love, and graces.

The carnation flower is particularly symbolic of Mother’s Day. Its importance as a Mother’s Day symbol is derived from Anna Jarvis, who is believed to have sent white carnations for a Mother’s Day service in West Virginia, United States, on May 10, 1908.

Carnations (Dianthus caryophyllus), also called grenadine or clove pink are the herbaceous plant of the pink, or carnation, family (Caryophyllaceae), native to the Mediterranean area. It is widely cultivated for its fringe-petalled flowers, which often have a spicy fragrance, and is used extensively in the floral industry.

The two main flowers dedicated to Mary are lilies (representing the Angel Gabriel as he held a lily when he told Mary that she was to be the mother of Jesus, thus the flowers signify purity and grace) and roses.

The rose was a privileged symbol for Mother Mary as the Queen of Heaven and Earth, also known as Rosa Mystica or Mystic Rose. Other flowers that are associated with Mary include marigolds (Mother Mary’s Glory), lavender (known as Mary’s Drying Plant) and daisies.

For a more personal touch this Mother’s Day, you can make your mom a special gift. Handmade gifts are so thoughtful, especially for those days when we want to say, ‘thank you for everything you do’, to mom.

A few items you can try are canvas photos, personalised keychains, personalised mugs, and even custom bracelets are thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts.

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This Mother’s Day, some loyal readers submitted their Mother’s Day well wishes.

Sandra Pulchan, it is your strong foundation that keeps me steady in times of adversity. It is your encouragement I rely on to overcome my doubts. I could not be the person I am today without your sacrifices, principles, and care.

–from your son, Nichola.

To our mommy, Sherry Sankar, we love you, Happy Mother’s Day. You are our world.

–from your daughters, Racine and Rayanna

Mommy, you are my best friend! Happy Mother’s Day!

–from Adriana Luna Basant

To our perfect aunt and Godmother, Aunty Mary! I am thankful for you in my life! Happy Mother’s Day!

–from Kaley Ramdeen