Sunday May 2nd: Pruned and productive.
May 2, 2021
Adopt daily, spiritual practices during pandemic lockdown
May 3, 2021

Monday May 3rd: The truth shall set you free

“I am the way and the truth”…

John 14:6-14

Growing up as children we are constantly reminded that the truth will set us free. There were times when I questioned this concept. I recall, going to the bank with a commercial proposal. The request was turned down. I was told that if I had applied for a personal loan it would have been approved. In other words, lie!
I recall leaving disappointed and feeling dejected. Thank God I quickly let go of that feeling, remembering the saying, the truth will set you free. Later on when I got to learn Jesus’s words “I am the way, the truth and the life,” I could put that experience in a better perspective. I was following what Jesus required of me as a Christian.
Living in these times, with all the negative pulls, is certainly not easy and we can be tempted to be untruthful. Let us remember Jesus is the Truth, so let us ask for the grace to follow that Truth.