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April 28, 2021
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April 29, 2021

Thursday April 29th: Prideful or Humble Servant

“… no servant is greater than his master, …”

John 13:16-20

The street-dweller grabbed the meal and without expressing an iota of gratitude, flung the meat on the ground voicing his disgust for meat. Aghast, I bit my tongue; only deterred by another, who swiftly retrieved it while scolding the first and expressing thanks.
I acted so unlike the way Saint Mother Teresa reacted to the grocer that spat in her outstretched hand as she pleaded for food for homeless children. She gently wiped the saliva on her sari and responded, “Thank you for what you have given for me. Will you give something for my children?” A deeply touching and selfless act, the epitome of humility!
She knew and loved the Master and embraced the Christian mission to love God through humble service and charity to all people, even those difficult to deal with. Being a servant is not easy as it means being genuinely humble not prideful. Serving is an expression of love, which transforms hearts and minds and consequently our world. The grocer touched by Saint Mother Teresa’s selfless response, eventually gave generously.