What’s it like taking ‘the jab’ ?
April 27, 2021
No time or vial to waste
April 28, 2021

Wednesday April 28th: Let there be light

The light of Christ removes the darkness and reveals the goodness of God to us.

John 12: 44-50

Just as natural light exposes the darkness and reveals what is hidden, so God’s word enables those with eyes of faith to perceive the hidden truths of God’s kingdom.

Our universe could not exist without light – and no living thing could be sustained without it. Just as natural light produces warmth and energy – enabling seed to sprout and living things to grow – in like manner, God’s light and truth enables us to grow in the abundant life which only he can offer us.

Jesus’ words produce life – the very life of God – within those who receive it with faith.
To see Jesus, the Word of God who became flesh for our sake (John 1), is to see God in visible form. To hear the words of Jesus is to hear the voice of God. He is the very light of God that has power to overcome the darkness of sin, ignorance, and unbelief.
(Don Schwager)