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April 28, 2021
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We are always in God’s hands – Archbishop at La Divina Pastora

The hundreds of parishioners and pilgrims that usually attend La Divina Pastora celebrations on ‘Good Shepherd Sunday’ were absent for another year because of the pandemic, but at least there was a short street procession.

Last Sunday, the statue was carried out the side entrance of the La Divina Pastora Church, into the driveway and courtyard, onto the street and then back into the church through the main entrance.

At the front were two altar servers, while two others assisted in carrying the statue with two volunteers. Parish priest Fr Alan Hall and Archbishop Jason Gordon followed the statue, socially distancing.

Earlier in his homily during the Mass, Archbishop Gordon said that “we believe that our whole life is in God’s hands… in the good times, the bad times, when it’s bright and sunny, or bleak and rainy”.

He said that everyone was a child of God but sometimes when “life goes into distress” it is often forgotten “that we are loved by God”.

“The foundation and rock of our life is the love God has lavished on us. Our baptism leaves an indelible mark” as a sign of belonging to God, he remarked.

Archbishop Gordon told the congregation comprising of mainly parishioners that if “we are part of God’s family then we have to live like God’s children”. This means, he continued, choosing to live by the rules of God. “We have to bring our life in alignment with God’s will. While we come to La Divina Pastora with our supplications today, let us bend our hearts to His will and hear the invitation of the Divine Shepherd to call us to conversion of heart. Our lives must be transformed to be like His life.”

He concluded, “Let us open wide our heart to the Divine Shepherd and to His mother, La Divina Pastora.”

The Mass ended with Benediction. Fr Hall thanked the parish’s ministries, groups, and other individuals in organising the celebration which was livestreamed on Facebook. —RS