Sunday April 25th: Lay down your life
April 25, 2021
Tuesday April 27th: Listening to His Voice
April 27, 2021

Monday April 26th: Be obedient

“I am the gate. Anyone who enters through me will be safe: such a one will go in and out and will find pasture”. John 10:9


As babies, our parents made these “gates”, which prevented us from leaving safe space and entering the kitchen and other areas. That ‘gate’ provided protection, comfort and security for us as our parents did chores. But very importantly, it also provided a freedom with childlike trust, for us to explore our ‘little world’ in which we were contained.
Jesus is the “gate” for us. He provides us with that same protection, comfort, trust and security as we live our daily lives in a world where the “thief” lurks waiting “to steal, kill and destroy”. Jesus as the “gate” reminds us that there are boundaries. In relationship with Him, He can guide us as we freely go and come. Outside of that relationship, we can be lured and so our freedom to return be stymied.
Our nation faces a sudden increase in Covid19 infections and deaths. Let us remember that Jesus is also the shepherd who sits at the gate to prevent us from going on dangerous grounds. Be obedient!

Photo by DAVID NIETO on Unsplash