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April 9, 2021
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April 10, 2021

Saturday April 10th: What News Are You Spreading?

‘He reproached them for their incredulity and obstinacy.’

Mark 16:9-15

Reading this resurrection narrative in 2021, I can almost empathise with the disciples in their stubborn disbelief. After all they had witnessed, Mary Magdalene’s news that she had seen the risen Jesus seemed the definition of ‘fake news’ – what the devil was she talking about?!
Except! They had been given a ‘heads-up’; the resurrection had been foretold. The joyous news that others had seen the Christ should have triggered a spark of hope; instead, they choose to remain in unbelief, and thus, in their mourning. In their hardness of heart, they were unable to help spread the good news.
We present-day disciples all have the task to “Go out to the whole world and proclaim the Good News.’ But, to be able to proclaim it, first we must receive it. First, we must believe it. This demands faith and a willingness to believe those who have seen the Lord before us – the Church Fathers, the early Christians, our Catholic Grandmothers.
So, messages of hope or despair? What news are you spreading?