Wednesday April 7th: On the Road
April 7, 2021
Visio Divina for women: Thursday, April 8
April 8, 2021

Thursday April 8th: Walking with us incognito.

‘They had recognised Jesus at the breaking of bread’

Luke 24: 35-48

This gospel reading tells us how two of Jesus’ disciples related the story of his appearance to them on the road to Emmaus, after his resurrection. He was talking to them while they were on the road but they did not recognize him until the breaking of bread.

It is while they were recounting to the other disciples what had happened on their journey that Jesus appeared once more and they still did not recognise him.

So often in our lives Jesus comes as somebody close to us, a friend or family member, and we are not aware. He himself told us that as long as we do a good deed to the least of his brothers or sisters, it is doing it to him. That means that he is present in those we meet and those whom we help or refuse to help.

Lord, may we always recognise you in the least of those we daily encounter.