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To the woman who may be wondering: “Where is my husband?”

To the woman who may be wondering: “Where is my husband?” and desiring marriage by Marina Austin

“God, where is my husband?” or “Where are the good men?” These thoughts are relatable. There are many women asking similar questions. Perhaps you are reading this and nodding because you have asked them too. You may even be numbered among the many women who feel:

  1. Cheated

Robbed of the experience of the fullness of family, community, and reciprocal love. These are good women. There was nothing ‘wrong’ with them. Why are they single? These had made their lists and checked them twice. They have avoided the naughty and paid the price for being too nice. Truth be told, there is no denying that there is contentment with drama-free singleness. Yet, for some, there is a deep feeling that they were meant for more and the desire for marriage could not be shaken.

2. Tired

They are tired of waiting for “Mr Right”. There may have been times before when they tried to take matters into their own hands and love whoever they wanted. They had ignored the red flags and loved who they wanted to because anybody was better than nobody. They soon discovered that while God respected their freedom to choose, they were not free from the consequences of their choices. Evidently, the price they had to pay was costly. The road from captivity and brokenness to freedom and wholeness was long and lonely.

3. Ready

They feel ready to love again. They have been through enough depression, sadness, bitterness, and shame. Now, they are ready for new opportunities, experiences, and adventures and most importantly, they are ready to smile again. Their thoughts are happier, less cluttered, and no longer plagued by the shame and guilt of past blunders.

If you are desiring a godly marriage, then read on…

Woman of God, if you feel called to marriage, it is more than likely that God placed those desires in your heart in the first place. Since, “the word of God does not return to him void without accomplishing that which it was sent out to do” (Is 55:11), we can trust that it will happen. When? We will just have to leave that up to God. Sometimes, there may be a delay in the answer to our prayers because those involved are not ready to receive the gift and God does not want us to pick the fruit prematurely. Or, maybe it has not happened yet because you are so special to God that He is asking you to wait just a little while He perfectly arranges everything behind the scenes. You see, you are not just anyone. You have been specially marked by God for a special assignment which includes your future marriage.

So, do you think you can wait, just a little longer?

You see, God does not just want us to wait, He wants to address the posture of our hearts while we wait. As Scripture reminds us to Delight ourselves in the Lord, and he will grant you the desires of your heart” (Ps 37:4). It also promises that when we “commit our way to the Lord; and trust in him for he will act” (Ps 37:5). This means that God wants you to take joy in doing what He asks of you, and where He has placed you at this moment even if things are less than perfect in your job or family.

Lastly, you do not have to go looking for love. For, God does not want you to “stir up love before its time” (Songs 3:5). Love will find you. Yes, even during a pandemic when there are no parties. After all, Ruth was focused, busy working and faithful to her family when Boaz found her. Look how things turned out because Ruth waited, her great grandson would become King David. Trust me, wait for God’s best, it will be worth the wait!

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