Tuesday March 30th: Overcoming Betrayal
March 30, 2021
Living the Paschal mystery in the family
April 1, 2021

Wednesday March 31st: Is me, Lord?

And while they were eating he said, “ In truth I tell you, one of you is about to betray me.”

Matthew 26:14-25

In today’s Gospel passage we see Jesus at table with his chosen twelve who were in the privileged position of having witnessed and participated in his ministry. I have always been intrigued by the dynamics at play here and remember a now deceased friend and I, creating ‘interior monologues’, attempting to explore what went on in the heads of the protagonists in this scene.

Jesus’ disclosure of his impending betrayal by one of his very own reveals that, while being in his presence grants access to his love, grace and mercy, it will be disposition, deepest desires, personal interests and decisions that will determine the final outcome.

Today we his followers continue the drama. As we echo, in turn, the words of those at table with him, “ Not me, Lord, surely?” we pray that it may not come from a position of self righteousness but as a humble soul-searching question. Is me, Lord?

My Lord and Master, root out anything in me that may make me a potential betrayer, Amen.