Monday March 29th: Valuing Greatness
March 29, 2021
Wednesday March 31st: Is me, Lord?
March 31, 2021

Tuesday March 30th: Overcoming Betrayal

We need not let it consume or stunt our progress.

John 13: 21-33, 36-38

What if you knew who was going to betray you? Trusting people would be easier, right? Perhaps, unnecessary trauma could have been avoided. Yet Jesus, who is God, still experienced it. Why? More importantly, how do we deal with betrayal?
Maybe, you can recall a certain betrayal and the hurt you felt. You should know their treachery was not your fault. Perhaps, despite your desire to want better for others, they did not want it for themselves. Not everyone wants to grow, and you cannot force them. Some people are comfortable where they are, and they drag us down.
That is why, God may allow betrayal so that we can shed what no longer serves His glory. How do we overcome betrayal? Like Jesus did. We need not let it consume or stunt our progress. We take up our cross and we follow Him. We move forward and express gratitude for the remaining loyal people around us.
Lord, help me to release the betrayal on my heart and to forgive those who have caused it.