Sunday March 28th: The Master needs it.
March 28, 2021
Tuesday March 30th: Overcoming Betrayal
March 30, 2021

Monday March 29th: Valuing Greatness

“Mary brought in a pound of very costly ointment, pure nard, and with it anointed the feet of Jesus, wiping them with her hair; …” John 12:3

Read today’s Gospel. John 12:1-11

Mary proclaimed Jesus’ greatness and expressed utmost gratitude without a word, but by an act of love that went beyond that of common esteem. She pours on the feet of Jesus so large a quantity of a costly substance and with a depth of gratitude and reverence wiped them with her own hair. Judas, however, with false pretence, expressed zeal for the honour of God as he voiced concern for the value of the substance used on Jesus’ feet. He deceitfully considers the benefit to the poor, if sold.
Mary’s simple act was a token of her love to Jesus for all the goodness her family had received from him; it testified of her self-humiliation, adoration and unbounded love for him. It was her all! We can all attest even within our sinfulness, our brokenness, or when like Judas we withheld our best under false pretences, of the marvels of God’s unleashed outpouring upon us. Are we like Mary overwhelmed with gratitude and pour upon him our very best, our all, or a mere extract?