Friday March 26th: ‘Scripture cannot be denied’.
March 26, 2021
Sunday March 28th: The Master needs it.
March 28, 2021

Saturday March 27th: Power

“If we let him go on this way everyone will believe in him.”

John 11:45-56

It’s interesting to watch how people react when in a position of power, especially since we often equate power with status. The chief priests and the Pharisees were afraid of losing their power. They were afraid that if Jesus continued to perform His signs, the Romans would come and take away what power and privilege they had.
Jesus is humble, approachable, and helpful. He empathized with the poor and lowly. This is what made him dear to the hearts of the people especially the common people. We who follow Jesus must learn from his human qualities. We may not have the gift to perform miracles but if we are humble and approachable, we could be his representative to the poor and powerless.
This has called my attention to how I act and react when I am in a position of power, control or have the upper hand. Do I scheme, plot or plan a way to hold on to that power? When faced with the possibility of losing that power, what would I do?