Visio Divina for women: Thursday, March 18
March 17, 2021
Take The Number!
March 18, 2021

Thursday March 18th: Seek the Lord

Seek the Lord and his strength, seek always the face of the Lord.

John 5: 31 – 47

Here Jesus is admonishing the Jews for their lack of belief. No matter how many have come before preparing the way or how well the Jews knew the scriptures, they still refused to accept Him.

In my darkest moments, when crying out to God “why have you forsaken me”, the hardest pill to swallow is that I am the one that does not have faith. Time and time again the teachings of John and the scriptures have lead the way to Jesus, we just need to allow ourselves to truly follow the path set out.

I pray that during this Lenten season we do not simply study the scriptures rather allow them to guide and direct our path to truly find Jesus and draw us closer to Him.