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March 15, 2021
Monday March 15th: A man of his word.
March 15, 2021

This Lent, ask yourself, “What’s God’s vocation for me?”

Fr Jeffrey Supersad gives the traditional first blessing to Archbishop Jason Gordon. Photo: Desmond Durham

If you do nothing else during Lent, then ask yourself that single question, Archbishop Gordon asserted.

“…God will answer you; God will show you the path,” the Archbishop said in CatholicTT’s Ask the Archbishop Live chat on Tuesday,March 9.

Life, he explained, has a purpose and the reason for that is each one of us has been given a vocation from God. If we are courageous enough to discover and actually live the vocation , then it becomes the singular purpose of our lives.

The Archbishop observed we are living in a time where people want to have no commitments. This way of life, he said, is a people without definition. Without a definition, there is no maturity, growth or holiness.

“Where do our commitments come from? They either come from what we believe God calls us to or they come because we find ourselves thrown into a situation…you get into debt so you now have a commitment to pay it off. A lot of our generations enter into commitment by default as opposed to by choice. These commitments are not leading us to our vocation,” Archbishop Gordon said.

, The Archbishop shared that males in Catholic schools were invited to participate in the archdiocese’s 33-day consecration to St Joseph.

He spoke of the impact of having young conscious Catholics who see teaching as a vocation.

“In schools where we have young Catholics who are consciously Catholic, the schools are different because what you then have is a cadre of teachers who are bringing both development, faith, virtues, values, life, example to the classroom on a daily basis and that’s what has an impact on the children.”

The Archbishop said beside the priesthood, he does not know of any other vocation that has such an impact.

“Think of teachers who, you don’t know how you got through education because of them. The impact that they have on me in my formative years made me the man I became,” he said.

During the live chat, the conversation of why virtual confession is not permitted was discussed.

The Archbishop said if it were possible, it would be “real odd”. He identified the challenges to this including the fact that there are some sacraments that are in person sacraments for example, the Eucharist.

“The Sacrament of Reconciliation has a number of pieces that the Vatican is nervous for. First, it’s an in person sacrament, you have to be in the presence of the priests. Second, the security of it. You can’t ever compromise the security element of the sacrament. And so anything that can compromise that has to be done away with….Next thing you know your confession gone viral. That’s what we guarding against,” Archbishop Gordon explained.

By Kaelanne Jordan