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March 9, 2021
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March 10, 2021

Women of the Sunday experience: Marceline Peters

What defines your Sunday experience? Research has shown that in many parishes in Trinidad and Tobago, our music ministry comes second only to the homily.  This Lent we decided to bring the Sunday experience alive for you.

Begin by closing your eyes and imagining yourself in meditation at Mass and listen to the hypnotic notes being shared by the women of our Sunday experience. If it moves you, and only if it moves you, share it with friends, and let us reverberate that connection with the Divine in our world.

I believe if this is done in sincerity, if you meditate on the words of these traditional Catholic hymns which have been reimagined by some dynamic female Catholic singers and musicians, then we can help each other heal in many ways.

Today we feature Marceline Peters of St Anthony’s, Point Fortin singing an old traditional but absolute soul-rending hymn ’Just as I am’.  Tears rolled down my eyes when I first listened to her sing. I felt that she was singing just for me, and that God wanted to give me this very private message in a very public form. I hope when you listen, you feel your connection to God through the words of the song.


Women of the Sunday experience pay tribute to our ancestors, who centuries before penned the words of songs that can touch our souls even today. Those songs are delivered to you by some of the most awesome female singers in the Catholic Church in Trinidad and Tobago.

Marceline is well-known in church circles for her strong voice and humble demeanour.  She is, in my opinion, a virtuoso. Special thank you to Aquil Arrindell of Cut Thyme Studio and Cut Throat Productions for this fantastic video.