New Apostolic Administrator for Bridgetown
March 9, 2021
Friday March 12th: God first
March 9, 2021

Wednesday March 10th: Not Just About Me

We have a responsibility to others…

Matthew 5:17-19

This gospel points to the fact that if we lead or encourage others into sin and into doing what we know is wrong, we will be considered the least in the kingdom of heaven. We have a responsibility to others – not just to ourselves, in trying to reach heaven.
When we are working out our salvation we are to follow what the Church teaches us to be right. Then we are to lead by example but it does not even stop there. We must ensure that we do not lead others into sinning.
Doing this, completes the law. Really doing what we are supposed to do and keeping an eye out for ‘the other’ in ensuring that we do not cause that person to sin and move away from God and His commandments is what the tenets of the Church all point to. It is not just about ‘me’. We cannot and should not make it to heaven by ourselves. That is the meaning of our Faith.