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March 9, 2021
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March 9, 2021

The Charles’ celebrate their golden anniversary

“You are blessed; your effort is inspiring; your courage is remarkable…” These were the first words articulated to the married couple on their 50th wedding anniversary on Saturday,  February 20 at St John the Baptist RC, San Juan. The Mass was indeed a spirit-filled one for both Albert and Daffodil Charles.

The Anniversary Mass was celebrated by Fr Jayson Grell FMI and  parish priest Fr Martin Ezesigwe. The Mass was well attended, with a supporting vibrant Saturday evening music ministry leading the celebration, on the first Saturday of Lent.

In his homily, Fr Jayson reflected on the significance of the Sacrament of Marriage. He said,

“In marriage, the husband and wife obtain the privilege of the closest act of human cooperation with God and His creative power.”

He reminded the couple that “love that does not include sacrifice is incomplete….Sacrifice or pain joyously embraced for the sake of the loved one, is at the heart of the mystery of love.”

Fr Jayson further emphasised, “when a man and a woman make a considered commitment to one another in marriage, with love and a good intention in their minds, they can be sure that they are fulfilling the destiny which is appropriate to them within God’s providence…”

Right after the homily, the marriage vows of Albert and Daffodil were renewed. Fr Martin took the opportunity to wish the couple many more good years together and presented the couple, on behalf of the Archbishop of Port of Spain, Charles Jason Gordon, the Apostolic (Papal) Blessing from Pope Francis on the occasion of their 50th wedding anniversary. It was indeed a blessed and spirit-filled celebration. — A parishioner