Sunday March 7th: Zeal for God’s house
March 7, 2021
Tuesday March 9th: Forgiveness is Heaven’s Currency
March 9, 2021

Monday March 8th: Enraged

‘Everyone in the synagogue was enraged.’

Luke 4: 24-30

This gospel reading tells us how Jesus angered the people of his own hometown because he was working miracles in what they considered ‘foreign’ towns. He then reminded them of scriptural stories when the prophets Elijah and Elisha did similar acts of charity. They however, became enraged and wanted to throw him out of the town but he slipped away from them and walked away.

We have had similar experiences in our own country when locals decide to help foreigners. The Venezuelan migrant experience is one such example. Locals have expressed their anger at some of us assisting the foreigners and find that we should help our own people first, and even quote the expression, ‘Charity begins at home…’

This is totally against the Great Command which states that we should love our neighbour as ourselves. This means that when someone needs help we do not look at their colour, creed, race or nationality before offering assistance. Let us truly love our brothers and sisters.