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March 3, 2021
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March 3, 2021

Youth ‘not dropping the ball’

Teenagers and children were among a small but impactful group who came out last Wednesday night (February 24) to Adam Smith Square for a candlelight vigil and procession in the wake of Andrea Bharatt’s death.

The event was inspired by a recent article written by Form Five student Rashad Cheong entitled ‘Don’t drop the ball T&T’. In the article, the Fatima College student intelligently questions whether criminals are born or bred and calls for the nation to “keep up the pressure.”

His passion inspired a small group of friends and family to give young people a forum to express how they feel about the current events. The vigil and procession were organised under the banner of ‘Don’t drop the ball T&T’.

Rashad attended and had this to say to the media present, “I really hope that people continue to support this cause and that it wouldn’t just be a two-week story. I really think we need to have a properly functioning judicial system as well as cultural changes that need to happen to solve this issue.”

The vigil began with a prayer then a procession around the park during which the rosary was said. Many held signs that echoed the words of an infuriated public since Andrea’s death.

Two young women present aged 15 and 17 shared their opinions. One said, “This one I think touched more people. It hit more close to home. I just feel like everyone is getting so much more involved. I’m glad that people made time to let something good come out of it and maybe try to bring justice for all the women who haven’t had justice.”

The second young lady shared, “They should not be letting these men walk out freely back into the roads where the citizens are at risk and women are at risk. It doesn’t make sense to me.”

—Joanna Mohammed