Cleanse my heart, O Lord
March 3, 2021
Get involved in social justice
March 3, 2021

Wednesday March 3rd: Servant of all

How can I serve the community selflessly?

Mathew 20: 17 – 28

How can I serve my community selflessly? I have been asking myself that question more and more lately.
I want to find a balance between self care and service. The pandemic has allowed me to get some rest. I had obligations Monday to Thursday afternoons. I welcome the fact that I no longer have to leave home. I then feel guilty.
I pray and ask God what He really wants me to do? This Lent I have chosen three books I want to read. One is on prayer and another is on service. I would not have been able to read them if it were not for the pandemic. I love to read. I would not be able to read like this when life gets back to normal.
What activities do I drop? Am I being selfish? I ask God for guidance.