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March 3, 2021
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March 3, 2021

‘Carne Vale’ helped fill the void

A quiet St Valentine’s Day afternoon was interrupted on social media by a pleasant onslaught of talent, colour, vivacity, rhythm, and beauty.

Lead by our indomitable parish priest, Fr Robert Christo and visiting priest, Fr Gutemberg, St Dominic’s Parish, Penal hosted ‘Carne Vale’ as a tribute to our Carnival traditions in all its diversity and splendour.

Viewers were treated to a succinct mixture of the old and new which blended in synergy, that can only be described as “heavenly.”

There was something for everyone, from Extempo, Calypso and Soca to traditional Carnival characters, the oral traditions, and a rhythm section.

DJ’s Christo and Gutemberg aptly and seamlessly integrated each segment with their wit and musical selections and were also able to provide some historical perspective to these artforms. This made one truly appreciate the continual transformation and evolution of our Carnival traditions, and the engagement of the Church in the process.

This edition of ‘Carne Vale’ certainly filled a void for those of us who missed Carnival celebrations 2021.

We look forward to another cultural episode from St Dominic’s parish, perhaps an Easter presentation, celebrating the Risen Christ.

—Helen Salick, parishioner