Monday March 1st: Raising the bar
March 1, 2021
Going deep for Lent with youths and young adults
March 2, 2021

Tuesday March 2nd: A warning against hypocrisy

“They do not practice what they preach”

Matthew 23:1-12

Sometime ago I was speaking to a young man about God and his returning to church. His response was that he would ‘when the hypocrisy goes away’. Of course I continued the conversation showing all angles why he should. I do not think I was convincing enough for he never did.
I am sure there are many others thinking like him. Jesus is pointing out the hypocrisy of the Pharisees and scribes but He is also messaging us. We say one thing but our behavior and outlook are something else. It is said that the only bible some people will ever read is the behavior of Christians.
This gospel is a timely reminder for us to practice what we preach. By so doing we will be able to assist in the conversion process and lead people to Jesus. This has to be a daily reconciliation and a dependency on God to assist us through His mercy.
Almighty Father, forgive us for the many times we have not practiced what we preach. Amen.