Suffering teaches us to love
February 26, 2021
Tuesday March 2nd: A warning against hypocrisy
March 2, 2021

Monday March 1st: Raising the bar

“Be compassionate just as your Father is compassionate.”

Luke 6:36-38

Earlier in this chapter of St Luke’s Gospel Jesus presents his disciples with a radical way of operating. Loving enemies and turning the other cheek represented a departure from the norm. In today’s Gospel passage Jesus further raises the bar by exhorting them to imitate the Father ‘s example.

Though it may seem virtually impossible for me to match the generosity and compassion of God the Father, that is precisely the standard set here by Jesus.
I remember our Standard Five teacher telling us many, many moons ago, “Aim for the stars!” He knew we could achieve the goal, and undoubtedly wanted the best for us, The rationale behind setting such a high aim, (I learned in later years), was just in case you miss, you will land on the treetop.

Lord Jesus, I thank you for the exemplary love, compassion and generosity of God The Father who gave you as a gift to this world. Whenever I fall short of the standard set, send the Holy Spirit to renew and empower me.