Friday February 19th: When you fast…
February 15, 2021
In the desert of despair
February 15, 2021

Saturday February 20th: Follow me

Answering the call.

Luke 5: 27- 32

This first Saturday of Lent we hear Jesus saying “Follow me”. The observance of Lent leads us to repent, pray, fast and give alms. This helps us focus more on our relationship with Jesus as we hear his call to follow him in a more intimate way.

How can we respond to his call this Lent? One way is to do just what the disciple did :invite him into our homes. We must allow Jesus to come into our hearts and lives to heal our brokeness and help us discover our gifts, talents and purpose.

A second way is to ask him to open the eyes of our mind and heart so we can see Christ in those around us and respond accordingly. The third way is to embrace suffering as part of Christian formation. Jesus died for us while we were still sinners. Can we suffer for others?

Lord Jesus send your Holy Spirit to help me answer your call so that I can be molded by you and learn to love and serve you in others. Amen.