Tuesday February 9th: Forget Clean Hands and Tradition
February 8, 2021
Thursday February 11th: Persistence and Humility
February 8, 2021

Wednesday February 10th: Our Intentions

Sacred Heart of Jesus, transform me…

Mark 7: 14-23

We are forced today to take an honest look at ourselves – to ‘listen’ and ‘understand’ as Jesus calls us to do. We spend so much time and effort on what goes into our bodies – the right foods, exercise but are we just as careful about what comes out of us from our hearts – our intentions behind our thoughts, our words, our actions?
Jesus is calling us to form the right intention in our hearts by knowledge of Him, His Word, His precepts. He calls us to the Holy Eucharist from which we unite our very selves to him in a physical way allowing Him to work on our hearts from within. Sacred Heart of Jesus, transform me from within, take my heart and give me your Sacred Heart instead so that all who see me, actually see You.