Wednesday February 10th: Our Intentions
February 8, 2021
Friday February 12th: Alone with Jesus
February 8, 2021

Thursday February 11th: Persistence and Humility

“Even the dogs under the table eat the children’s crumbs.”

Mark 7:24-30

I imagined myself like the Gentile woman. I am in absolute despair. My child is sick and no one can help me, but I hear about this Jesus who is a miracle worker so I seek him out.
He is not of my kind, I reach out for help and he says, “After I help my peeps I will call you”. If it were me I would have been angry, maybe called him some names before I told him what to do with his “so and so miracle”! But not this woman, instead she tucked her pride away and requested even the scraps of his offering.
Persistence and Humility are two great tools for the Christian journey. Most would say, “Who he feel he is” or “ They feel they better than people”. But telling people of your perseverance and humility may get you ……. “ Not me nah girl, I eh going through all that”.
Life sends us curve balls ever so often, some harder than others but if we humbly persevere and trust God then the outcome will be great.