A story of spiritual awakening while kept hostage
February 7, 2021
Tuesday February 9th: Forget Clean Hands and Tradition
February 8, 2021

Monday February 8th: Present to heal

‘All those who touched him were cured’

Mark 6: 53-56

This gospel reading tells us that the crowds were following Jesus and bringing their sick to be cured. This means that whatever Jesus was doing left a great impression on the people. They were following him and they got what they wanted.

As followers of Jesus we need to reflect on what impression we make on people. Do they see us as loving, so that they will want to be near us or do we appear to them as hostile and unfriendly, so that they want to be far from us?

To be like Jesus seems to be difficult and so it is. But we can take example from people who have been able to follow him to a great degree. St. Mother Teresa was such a person who, because of her love for the poor, was able to give healing comfort to many.

Let us, for Lent, resolve to be like Jesus and show unconditional love for our neighbour.