Tuesday February 2nd: Follow the Law
February 1, 2021
Thursday February 4th: And the two shall become one
February 1, 2021

Wednesday February 3rd: The carpenter syndrome

People can amaze even Jesus.

Mark 6: 1-6

People can amaze even Jesus. The people saw his miracles and because in their minds he was only a carpenter “they would not accept him.”
We have so many “carpenter” moments in our life. Women are all too aware of this . We are not taken seriously in many workplaces and even in our homes.
Young people are also aware of this phenomenon. They are told they are not old enough to know what they are talking about and promptly dismissed.
Junior staff members are all too aware of this. A junior member of staff would come up with an idea and they are completely ignored. A short time later a senior person would come up with the same idea, sometimes, even verbatim and the same idea would be embraced.
My prayer to The Sacred Heart of Jesus, is to surround us with people who would support us in doing God’s work.