Wednesday February 3rd: The carpenter syndrome
February 1, 2021
Friday February 5th: Saving face; taking a life
February 1, 2021

Thursday February 4th: And the two shall become one

Two silver wedding rings linked together

“Take nothing for the journey except a staff”

Mark 6:7-13

God called my husband and me to the Sacrament of marriage and commissioned us saying “take nothing for the journey except a staff”.
I entered marriage with my own notions of what it should ‘look’ like based on my own woundedness and influence of modern-day society. This of course, brought a lot of pain at times since my husband did not fit into my mental mould.
Over time, my focus shifted from my own expectations to God’s Will for my marriage and the ways He wanted me to witness to my husband and children. Firstly, to our children and then secondly, to those we encounter daily.
O Holy Spirit guide of our life, penetrate the hearts of Your people who are called to the Sacrament of Marriage, help us to shake the dust of modern-day philosophies that seek to destroy what You have commissioned. Amen