‘Know Your Faith’ series gets revamped & focuses on Mark’s gospel
January 29, 2021
Tuesday February 2nd: Follow the Law
February 1, 2021

Monday February 1st: Freed to witness

“Go home to your people and tell them all the Lord in His Mercy has done for you”

Mark 5:1-20

In today’s Gospel passage we witness the remarkable transformation of a man with a history of being possessed by an unclean spirit. After having been freed by Jesus he is overcome with gratitude and begs to stay with him. However, Jesus tells him instead to go home to his people and tell them all the Lord in His Mercy has done for him.

We too are commissioned to tell others of the goodness of God who is constantly at work in our lives in remarkable ways and in simple occurrences. When the hand of God takes us from a place of anguish and torment, when God in His Grace and Mercy bestows upon us blessings which we don’t deserve, remaining with Him might be an option but gratitude should move us to witness to His name.

Come Holy Spirit and fill us. Help us to proclaim the mercy and goodness of God following the example of Mary, Our mother in the Magnificat: The Almighty has done great things for me, Holy is His Name.