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February 1, 2021
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COVID-19 protocol update for Archdiocese of POS

The following is a statement from the Archdiocesan Health, Safety and Environment Team

The Archdiocesan Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Team was established by Archbishop Jason Gordon in March 2020 with its stated focus being, “to equip the organisations within the Archdiocese with a framework for factual, relevant information to effectively manage the COVID-19 pandemic”.

The HSE Team made a commitment to monitor and provide feedback to stakeholders so that as an Archdiocese, we can improve in those areas where we need to, while maintaining the very high standards in those areas in which we are doing well.

To a large extent, our parishes and institutions are adhering to the protocols that have been established by the Ministry of Health and we congratulate and thank all concerned for this achievement.

However, we caution that we cannot afford to let our guard down, especially at this time when variants of the COVID-19 virus are surfacing.

There are some areas in which we will keep a closer watch on, viz.:

  • Physical distancing by choir members during the Mass and other church services
  • Wearing of masks by choir members during the entire Mass and other church services
  • Registering in advance of Mass


Some parishes have made some very worthwhile suggestions, including the following:

  1. If possible, lectors should bring their own Missals from which to read, instead of everyone using the same Missal.
  2. At funerals, baptisms, weddings, and other services where we as a people tend to congregate before and after the service, the officiating priest or minister should remind those attending that they should not do so. This suggestion is made in the context that some of those in attendance my not be familiar with the protocols that have been put in place by our Archdiocese.
  3. The HSE Team to issue protocols for the checking of collection from a health/sanitation perspective.

We thank you all for your cooperation and support as we continue our efforts to halt the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in our country.

Your HSE Team will continue to support and disseminate the protocols developed by our Ministry of Health along with those that we develop that are specific to our sacraments and rites.

We will shortly be issuing protocols for activities in the Lenten season and for Easter. Visit for updates.

For further information please contact the HSE Secretariat:

Do stay safe.