Tuesday January 26th: No stumbling blocks
January 25, 2021
Thursday January 28th: Let your Light Shine
January 25, 2021

Wednesday January 27th: What type of soil are you?

“The farmer sows the word”

Mark 4:1-20

Gardeners have to be selective about the type of soil used, as soil is needed for providing a support system so that seeds/ plants will grow. The soil  provides good anchor for roots and nourishes the plant.

As I reflected on the gospel, I thought about the condition of my own soil, my heart. I did my inventory asking myself these questions. Are my PH levels right, that I am open to receive the word and allow it to take root and grow? Are my nutrient levels optimal so that the word of God grows and bears fruit in my life,  or do I allow worldly perspectives to stifle the word and the life it brings with it? Do I allow the stones, the rocks in my life to impede growth and a  new way of being through the word of God?

As you do your own internal examination, I leave you with St Augustine’s prayer:

Almighty Father, come into our hearts, and so fill us with Thy love that forsaking all evil desires, we may embrace Thee, our only good…..