Wednesday January 27th: What type of soil are you?
January 25, 2021
Friday January 29th: Mystery and hope
January 25, 2021

Thursday January 28th: Let your Light Shine

“Pay attention to what you hear.”

Mark 4:21-25

We should grasp that Jesus’s question is rhetorical and everyone who heard him will answer, the whole idea of light is to let it shine.”
Jesus tells His disciples that if they have more insight than other people because they’ve been with him, they’re to employ it for the common good. He expects that his teaching about the kingdom of God is for the disciples to disclose it to others and bring it to light, in their lives and in the world.
The more carefully we give attention to a person we’re listening to, the more we will hear and understand what they are saying. The more carefully we give attention to the Word, the more we will understand it and if we focus and pay attention to spiritual teaching it makes a difference in our capacity to hear it the next time.
Thank God for our Church which we have been given as a gift and a solid foundation to build our lives. Let’s take this time to be attuned to our life and circumstances, listening for what God is saying to us whilst shining our light.