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January 21, 2021
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January 22, 2021

Celebrate, study, and disseminate the Word of God

Lara Pickford-Gordon

Join the Catholic Bible Institute in celebrating ‘The Sunday of the Word of God’ January 24.

The observance, on the third Sunday of Ordinary Time, was introduced by Pope Francis with the apostolic letter in the form of a motu proprio: Aperuit illis (Instituting the Sunday of the Word of God) on September 30, 2019. The Bible Institute is hosting a virtual event with workshops and presentations by His Grace Archbishop Jason Gordon and Debra ‘Sister Debbie’ de Rosia of the Eternal Light Community.

Principal of the Catholic Bible Institute Dr Wendy Ann Jones said: “This event is planned in obedience to the call of Pope Francis in Aperuit Illis, as he called for the Church to take the opportunity to celebrate, study, and disseminate the Word of God.” The Catholic Bible Institute has always placed its service to the Archdiocese as among its priorities. Jones said, “this year we felt we should contribute some approaches to help develop the domestic Church that His Grace, Archbishop Charles Jason Gordon has called us all to build. We are unyieldingly convinced that the reading and praying of the Scriptures are two critical foundation stones for the building of the domestic Church.” The theme Let the Word of God find a home in your home is reflective of this emphasis and helping keep focus on ways to accomplish it is Deuteronomy 11:12-18.

Sunday’s programme begins 3 p.m. with the Enthronement of the Bible ceremony. Five workshops will be held during the afternoon. ‘The Joy of the Word of God: Your Word is my delight’ is the topic of the first plenary conducted by de Rosia at 4.30 p.m. A discussion follows. At 6 p.m. ‘Meditation and Contemplative Prayer: Presentation and Practicum’ will be done by Archbishop Gordon.  ‘The Word of God and Family Prayer’ workshop is led by Patricia Howai. Jones said the objectives of the workshop include simplifying family prayer, and guiding participants on the use of the scriptures in their prayer time both as individuals and as a family.

‘The call: Jeremiah and Mary of Nazareth’ presents a male and female character from the Bible. Jones said, “we hope to expose the different ways people respond to the Word of God as it visits them; for example, the prophet Jeremiah struggled with fulfilling the Word of God; the Book named after him exposes his responses to this ‘burden’.” On the other hand, Mary was the “quintessential” disciple of the Father and the Son, and her responses to the Word, the call, “is just a perfect model for a call like the one she received”.

The aims of the workshop on ‘Praying/Executing the Word of God’ include helping participants use the scripture in ways that would help them develop a relationship with God. Another important aim is helping participants to see the Word come alive in their personal circumstances as they “execute’ or speak-out the relevant Word of Scripture in their life-situations”.

The ‘Youth Bible Study’ targets persons 13 to 35 but is open to all because the content will include ways of approaching the Bible for/with youth.

The final workshop is on ‘The Word of God in Evangelisation’. Jones said some of the nuggets this workshop should present: the use of Scripture in home situations to evangelise or introduce family members to Jesus; the use of Scripture to evangelise, or help someone who has lost interest in the Church; the sacraments, and attending Church. “The intent is to help persons see that they can gently show love to family members by strategically, empathetically applying and sharing the Word of God.”

You can click here for more information on participating in the event.