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January 19, 2021
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January 19, 2021

St Joseph, the man for our time

Marino Restrepo

On Sunday, December 6, 2020, the National Catholic Men’s Ministry (NCMM) hosted its second Annual Men’s Advent Retreat.

Over 100 men attempted to participate. Unfortunately, the Zoom platform used became oversubscribed, preventing some men from participating. For this, the NCMM deeply apologises and has already remedied by accessing a platform which will accommodate everyone for our upcoming events. We are making sure that there is ‘No Man Left Behind’.

The retreat was spiritually directed by Archbishop Jason Gordon and inspired many a man to look deep within, embracing their God-given masculinity while seeking to become the best version of ourselves…in other words, becoming who we were created to be and strengthening each other on this journey.

The retreat sparked some men to start the process of forming men’s groups in their parishes with the NCMM providing guidance and support in the process.

On Sunday, January 31, the NCMM will be hosting an online men’s summit. International speaker Marino Restrepo from Colombia, who has had a dramatic conversion experience and encountered the Lord in a mystical way, will share his testimony and encourage men to be the spiritual giants we are called to be. He is a Catholic missionary, author, and evangelist.

This summit will be an introduction to a number of events including a 33-day consecration to St Joseph where we journey daily with all men of our Archdiocese and beyond, beginning February 15 that culminates with a celebration on March 19, St Joseph’s Day.

Pope Francis’ declaration of this year dedicated to St Joseph is absolutely divinely inspired!

The NCMM in our discernment for the ministry was praying every day for St Joseph’s intercession and protection. He is our ministry’s patron, and in these challenging times for the Church, the family and our men, Pope Francis points to St Joseph—the man for our time.

In his apostolic letter Patris Corde (With a Father’s Heart), Pope Francis shows us that we are not alone in dealing with difficult times. He says: “Even through Joseph’s fears, God’s will, His history and His plan were at work. Joseph, then, teaches us that faith in God includes believing that He can work even through our fears, our frailties, and our weaknesses. He also teaches us that amid the tempests of life, we must never be afraid to let the Lord steer our course. At times, we want to be in complete control, yet God always sees the bigger picture.”

Tell a brother, invite a neighbour, reach out to another man and come join us on January 31.  Look out for the online registration and advertisements on social media and the Catholic News soon and let’s look to St Joseph, the man for our time.

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