Tuesday January 19th: An all inclusive vision
January 18, 2021
Thursday January 21st: The lakeside gives life
January 18, 2021

Wednesday January 20th: Loss of focus

“And they were watching him to see if he would cure him on the Sabbath day, hoping for something to charge him with.”

Mark 3:1-6

The eyes of the Pharisees were fixed on Jesus, not to learn from him, but running through their minds was the thought, “ Eh, heh! Let we see what he going to do!” This seems like a real Trini moment when we ‘sizing up’ somebody, searching frantically for the mote in their eye, disregarding the plank in ours. The yardstick used to determine the severity of their transgression is by no means the same used for ours!

The time and energy expended in judging Jesus shifted the focus of the Pharisees from the real issue of the man with the withered hand and so they missed the boat. Was this yet another object lesson lost? Exercising empathy and engaging in works of Mercy, when there is a need, will profit far more than stringent law keeping.

Jesus, Lord of the Sabbath, help us to keep our gaze fixed on you to learn from your example. Heal all that is withered within us so that we too can reach out to others and carry out your restorative work.