Monday January 18th: Change is never easy
January 18, 2021
Wednesday January 20th: Loss of focus
January 18, 2021

Tuesday January 19th: An all inclusive vision

“The Sabbath was made for man not man for the Sabbath.’

Mark 2:23-28

Jesus came as a breath of fresh air for the people of his time especially the poor. He brought a whole new vision as he embarked on his ministry. His focus was radically different from the norm; people’s needs were at the heart of all he did; their needs superseded the demands of the law. For him ‘The Sabbath – like all human laws- is for the poor, not the poor for the Sabbath’.
This passage challenges us as parents, leaders in whatever sphere, and of course as church, to follow the example of Jesus and not use the law to penalize the poor and those under our care; but rather to interpret it in ways that lead all people to freedom. We too are called to be protectors of the poor as Jesus is.
Lord, forgive us for the times when we interpret your law to favour the wealthy and the privileged and are harsh on those who are disadvantaged and do not have friends and persons in high places to speak on their behalf.